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5  Ways to Decide Where to Sell Your Unregistered Cars

An unregistered car is difficult to sell, as you will hardly have the required papers to undertake the proceedings. Finding a car buyer for your paperless car, requires you to make a thorough research since you cannot trust any dealer who claims to offer you cash in return. Only a well-established company with the proper credentials and goodwill should be approached, if you wish to sell unregistered car without any worry.

Read the below mentioned list to know where to sell your unregistered car.

  1. Physical existence is a must

Thanks to the Internet, almost all businesses are listed on directories. You can learn about the types of services offered and also check if the company has a local physical address. Several businesses put up false addresses on the Internet, thus making fools of unsuspecting people. In order to protect yourself from the fake car dealers, you need to check, if the address given on the directory really exists or is simply a piece of imagination.

  1. 2. Insurance and license act as proofs of authenticity

The firm you are about to approach should be registered and fully insured. Do not just rely on mere words, but ask for the papers, to be completely ensured. If the documents are authentic, you can be rest assured that the company is not going to deceive you. In case they hesitate to show you the documents, you should choose another company for the car selling purpose.

  1. 3. The top cash offering company is the most preferred one

When you speak to the representative of a car buying company, do not forget to ask about the amount of money they pay. You must approach at least 5 companies in the area offering the service and finalise the one that pays the maximum.

  1. Pay attention to what others say

It is always suggested that in order to sell unregistered car, you should always speak to those who have been there and done that. Asking a friend to whom he sold his vehicle or learning from a neighbor, how much he received in lieu of the car, may make you aware of the market. A person who might have sold his/her car privately can tell you about the time wasted showing the vehicle to each potential buyer with the hope to bag a customer.

Anyone who has sold a car to a firm dealing in unregistered cars, can give you an insight into the hassle-free experience that sellers or owners of cars have.

  1. Free towing service is mandatory

Make sure that the company offers free car removal services. If it does not, it is better to opt for a company, which does and also offers top cash for taking away the vehicle from your premises.

The aforementioned points can help you to decide the company you ought to choose to sell your unregistered car. Now, it is time to search on the Internet and make your decision.

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