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How To Check Out a Used Car Before Buying

Like you crosscheck anything and everything bought for personal use it is equally mandatory to do careful checking of a used car to buy. Take expert opinion if you are disillusioned and fear not to make proper assessment of a car’s condition. It could be a confusing task so it is advisable to consider some important aspects to enjoy best deals on the used cars.

Buying Used Car

What to check before buying used car

Here are some notable factors to remember to check out before making your buying decision:

  • Car’s overall condition: The first and foremost step should be to make an overall assessment of a car to observe the condition. It can be done through general physical checking from tyres to looking at the rest sagging issues.
  • Assess paint job: Ensure that you had thoroughly checked paint job of the used car to buy. Look at rust spots carefully besides assessing all dents and scratches. If car is clean, then condition of its paint would remain visible which you must observe.
  • Car’s trunk condition: It is necessary to make thorough checking of car’s trunk to observe the actual condition. By doing so you can look at the rusts and the cracks clearly.
  • Tyres Condition: Don’t forget to check condition of tyres while dealing with the used cars. Worn tyres would make a big hole in your pocket by forcing to change sooner. Some important things to look at are tyre surfaces and their proper alignment.
  • Crosscheck damage level: Frame damaged cars are sold to most of the unsuspecting buyers. You should look at the saddle whether welded or bolted to check their durability
  • Hood Checking: Check the hoods minutely especially the underside areas to look at the rusts, possible damages and dents amongst others.
  • Hoses & belts: If the hoses and belts of a used car you are willing to buy has some cracks then better to ignore that. Check for radiator hoses which must not be in the soft condition.

Overall crosschecking of car engine

Besides having a keen eye at the above mentioned things to assess the true merit of used car you should do thorough inspection of engine. You can better approach an expert mechanic to look at it carefully if the car engine is properly operational without any leaks or corrosion. Also focus on it whether there are any other issues as well. Checking any leak in the gasket before buying a used car saves you from big troubles in future. Likewise, the belts must be checked thoroughly.

Other major and minor aspects to look at  

It would be a prudent step to remove the oil filler cap to thoroughly check leaking head gaskets if any. By taking simple steps of pulling the transmission dipsticks and also checking the timing belts besides doing keen assessment of car’s interior for all sorts of damages you are in the verge of making selection of a genuine used car. Checking car odometer for mileage assessment; computer on board; condition of all lights and brakes pave the way for you to make best used car selection. If you have a used car to sell why not use our cash for used car service.

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