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How to Sell a Car in 2020

COVID-19 has made our lives difficult and everyone has been affected financially. If you are looking to sell your car to boost your finances, the online used car market is a gold mine for both buyers and sellers. Are you about to get rid of a car and could you use some advice?

These four tips will get you started.

  1. Determine the value

With a free valuation you quickly calculate the current market value. It looks at make, model, year, transmission, fuel, power and mileage. What you actually get for the car depends on the purchasing party (private or business) and your negotiation skills. When determining the asking price, therefore, take into account room to negotiate.

  1. Prepare the sale

The appearance obviously plays an important role. Wash your car, polish the paint and clean the interior. Disinfect the car as we are currently going through a pandemic. Wear a mask and offer one for the buyer during the inspection. For a smooth sales process, it pays to show that the car has been to the garage regularly. Have your maintenance logbooks completed and save invoices, so that the confidence of the potential buyer increases. The more paperwork you have on your car, the better.

In the case of age-old cars, it is better not to do cardinal external transformations and replacements – this can cause unnecessary suspicion. Just a good cleaning and washing of the car will be sufficient. It is also advisable to remove obvious hints of rust. Pay more attention to the technical condition – the ignition should be trouble-free, the engine’s operation is smooth, and various knocks-squeaks should be eliminated if possible.

  1. Create the perfect ad

A successful sale starts with a good ad. The photos are very important because they tell a lot about the car. Shoot in daylight and for a neutral background, for example in a parking lot or in front of a wall. Provide a clear explanation of all the options your car has along with identifying any shortcomings that the buyer should expect. A minimum of fifteen photos is recommended for maximum results. When drawing up the ad, choose a catchy title. Be complete, generate positive expectations and avoid professional language.

You can independently exhibit a car for sale on numerous online sites, in media advertisements and in car markets. Nothing prevents you from using all the opportunities at once, which will maximize your chances.

  1. Convince the buyer

The first contact is often decisive. Good preparation is therefore necessary. Think about the advantages of the car and whether there are any defects. Serious buyers value honesty. It is preferable not to negotiate the price immediately. That will come with the viewing. Do not take it personally if someone tries to get the price down: that is part of it. Determine your minimum price in advance and provide arguments that justify the asking price.

Buyers are often interested in the reason for the sale by the owner of their used car. You can answer such questions honestly, but it is not always reasonable from the commercial point of view, since it is fraught with a price drop or a deal breakdown due to unreasonable bias.

Therefore, form a public reason, which coincides with the real only partially or does not coincide with it at all. A plausible excuse for realization is capable of:

  • Significantly shorten the terms of sale.
  • Minimize the trading range.

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