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How to sell a car

A moment of uncertainty in the market like the one we live in can be a perfect opportunity to sell your used car. There are many undecided people with the purchase who will not opt ​​for a new vehicle for its high value and who will opt for the second-hand market to acquire something that will serve you temporarily.

Although, on the other hand, there is a lot of offer and not too much liquidity, so it is important to follow these tricks and tips to get a successful sale.

The first step is to find out how much the car in question is worth and set a reasonable selling price. This must be done in several ways:

  •         Ask for an appraisal from the professionals of the sector (mechanics, dealers, re sellers, etc.).
  •         Consult the insurance company about the real value of the car in the market.
  •         Find out how much other owners ask for similar vehicles.

To succeed with the final sale price, combine this research. A trick: dealers and insurers generally lower prices, while individuals do so upwards. Calculate an average.

When a person decides to buy a used car, he not only disburses his money, he also places his trust. Unlike new vehicles, second-hand cars have a past that the buyer does not know. Avoid the evasive and answer all your questions in a clear and truthful way. The buyer needs to know the history of the car: if it has had one or more owners, if it has been stored in the garage or outdoors, if it has had a work or family use, if it has received all mechanical services in a timely manner. All the documentation that can prove the care will be very useful to help you sell a car.

The two essential criteria that affect the valuation of a car are age and mileage. This data must always appear in an advertisement. Other interesting details are collected in this list. Review it and highlight them in your ad in order of importance:

  •         Brand and model.
  •         Know that the vehicle has not suffered accidents.
  •         Have passed all mechanical controls.
  •         The state of the chassis and body.
  •         The number of owners the car has had.
  •         The state of the engine, type of fuel used and consumption.
  •         The state of the upholstery.
  •         The accessories of safety and comfort.
  •         The price.

Photos of the car

It is not enough that the car is fine: it should look like it. The cleanliness, order and care in the details reinforce the feeling of care. It’s psychology: if the owner cares about cleaning, vacuuming, waxing and perfuming his car, he must also be equally careful with the mechanical and structural components. In addition to thorough washing and thorough cleaning of the interior, there are other ways to prepare the car for sale, in order to get a better valuation. On the photos of the ad (if possible, include them), it is advisable to make at least six: two for the sides, one front, one at the back, one inside and one more of the engine, with the hood raised. So, it looks like you don’t hide anything.

Friends and acquaintances

Word of mouth is the oldest marketing strategy, but it works. You will not lose anything by telling your friends that you want to sell the car. Closing a deal with a relative give’s peace of mind, but the circle is sometimes small.

Selling on the Internet

As you will surely know, selling cars on the Internet is free, you reach a huge number of people and can include photos and detailed information. It is undoubtedly the future (although there are people who still do not trust).

What if my car is old and no one is buying it?

In case you own a car that is too old or too damaged and no one is buying it, there is a solution. Active Car Removal is willing to pay good cash for your unwanted car. We will assess the vehicle and offer a solid amount that your car is worth. Active Car Removal personnel are the experts in this field and will ensure your vehicle is getting its worth money. If you want to cooperate with Active Car Removal, give us a call on 0478 658 800 now.

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