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Old or New Get Top Cash For Cars

Having an old or new car sitting around that you need to get rid of can be tough. Going through the process of selling the car, ensuring that you fulfill all your obligations and then finally making the sale, all takes time and effort out of your busy life. Much of which takes money too, compromising how much profit you’ll make in the end. If you’re thinking there must be a better way, then look no further than Active Car.

The Active Car Removal solution

Active Car Removal Sydney is the premier place for Sydney wide car sales. We pride ourselves on being industry leaders in providing car-sellers with quick and simple car removal solutions.

There are no extra hoops you need to jump through and no catches. We’ll give you a fair price for your vehicle, regardless of condition, so you get a convenient and simple solution with a fast turnaround that gets cash into your hands.

What we’re looking for:

Old cars

Maybe you’ve got an older car sitting around your property, simply taking up space and slowly getting rustier. Maybe you use the car now and then, and so you’ve gone through the process of registering it and keeping it roadworthy over the years. Is the cost of keeping it running and keeping it registered worth it? And, if it’s not registered, what’s the point of keeping it around, just wallowing on your property?

We pay cash for old cars, even if they haven’t been looked after and even if they’re not registered. Call us today to organise a free pickup at a convenient time, which can be as soon as you want! It’ll get rid of it straightaway, put cash in your pocket, and free up space on your property. We accept any make or model, from any year.

Used cars

If you’ve got a newer car sitting around that you don’t want or need, then get in contact with us too. Maybe you’re looking to downsize? Maybe one too many bills have come in and you need to liquidate an asset fast. Maybe you just want to sell your car without any fuss? Active Car Removal doesn’t discriminate. If you’ve got a newer car, regardless of its condition, we want you to get in touch with us for a quote. We pay up to $9,999, so feel free to get in contact to organise a sale.

Quick quotes

Still not sure about the service? Don’t worry, we understand that you’re a discerning seller with an eye for the bottom line. We specialise in fast, accurate, no nonsense quotes that are available over the phone or online, and almost instantaneous. You’ll get the numbers straight away, so you can make an informed decision.

Free car pick up

Regardless of where you are in Sydney, we offer free car pick up for all Sydney regions, to give you the most convenient service possible, and to save you the trouble of transporting your vehicle if it’s not roadworthy!

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    What Our Customer Says

    This is a great service … tried a couple of different small companies and received no prompt replies. With Active car removal it’s a Very smooth, no hassles. Much better way to get rid of the car same day!

    Alan Tran

    I finally got rid of my car, thought it would be a nightmare to have it collected and scraped. Happy with some cash payment, came in handy at the right moment. Sure to recommend you to others.

    Shirley James