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Steps to Get Free Car Removal

Getting rid of an old, damaged and unwanted vehicle is no longer a headache, with the easy availability of car removal service providers. You no longer have to worry about expensive repair for your damaged vehicle or look for prospective buyers to purchase your unused car. With just one call to a vehicle removal company, you will be relieved of all your car-related worries. If you are interested to know how you can conveniently get rid of your broken down or unused vehicle, scroll down to learn about the steps to get free car removal, as well as, the opportunity to earn some money in the process.

Search for a Reliable Car Removal Company

To get full advantage of car removal service, it is important to identify and connect with a trustworthy, and a reputed car removal company. Before giving the nod to take away your vehicle, it is vital to find out the following:

  • The company is fully insured and licensed.
  • It adheres to environment-friendly car wrecking and disposal practices.
  • It offers free car removal services from your property.
  • If you can get an obligation-free quotation for your vehicle.

You can either look up the Internet and read customer reviews, or ask your neighbours, relatives, friends and colleagues, who have used car removal services before, for references. Do remember to get more than one quote from various companies, to know what your vehicle is really worth.

Arrange for a Pick-up Time and Be There

This is one of the most important steps to get a free car removal. You cannot simply decide upon a time and a place, and not show up. Car removal companies are extremely flexible and are willing to work as per your schedule. But, keep in mind not to be late or miss your appointment.

Keep the Driver’s License and Registration Details Ready

The free towing service offered by car removal companies is aimed at easing your burden and make the whole process less time-consuming. With this said, when you have finalized a time for the professional car removers to arrive, be ready with all the vehicle registration details and driver’s license. These are the information and legal documents that companies need for recording the details of the current owner.

Take the Money

Once all the legal requirements are fulfilled and the professionals have removed the number plate from your vehicle, they will hand you over the agreed upon cash. To avoid any confusion, you can ask for a price quote beforehand. All you have to do is provide the make and model, year and such other information about the vehicle.

Contact a car removal service provider today

When your car no longer runs or you need to make space for your brand new vehicle, you can always rely upon the services offered by professional car removal companies such as Active car removal based in Sydney. Follow the above-mentioned steps to get free car removal and stay completely relaxed and free of worries. The experts will take care of your old vehicle and provide you with instant cash, which in some cases, is more than the selling value of the car.

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    What Our Customer Says

    This is a great service … tried a couple of different small companies and received no prompt replies. With Active car removal it’s a Very smooth, no hassles. Much better way to get rid of the car same day!

    Alan Tran

    I finally got rid of my car, thought it would be a nightmare to have it collected and scraped. Happy with some cash payment, came in handy at the right moment. Sure to recommend you to others.

    Shirley James