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Sydney has a Lot of Vehicles. Where do They Go After They Die?

Sydney is fond of its streets, its landscape and all of it that comes with the beautiful city! If you’re living in Sydney, you know how much Sydney-siders love going out, going to the beach, camping out, and watching movies under the stars. 


We also love our long drives and the beautiful smaller towns that we can drive to including Newcastle, Blue Mountains, Wollongong and more. Car owners in Sydney make complete use of the availability of such spots for their long weekends and short getaways from Sydney.


We also love the cars that take us to these spots and carry all our stuff to make our family-time or me-time more comfortable for us.

What happens once it’s worn out, tired, old, and not really wanted or needed anymore?

There are two ways that you can go from here:

  1. Be the irresponsible citizen that pollutes the environment by dumping their vehicle in the middle of nowhere (and gets fined for it). You will also be causing unnecessary inconvenience to the council in the area, and to the ones who tow your vehicle, as well as yourself!
  2. Sell your junk car to a car removal company that will take care of your car’s dumping, and will recycle it, using it for better purposes such as the production of goods and sometimes services.


Now it’s no doubt which option a sane person would want to pick, so we’re going to go ahead and explain to you exactly what to do when you need to sell your old car to a car removal company in Sydney.


The first thing that you need to do is find out the market value that your car is at right now. There are companies that will provide you with free car valuation once you tell them the make, model and condition of your vehicle. This is the amount at which you should aim to sell your car, if not higher. You can also think of setting a cost for yourself that you would not want to sell below.


Another point to consider is your car buyer.

If you are selling your old car to a private buyer, which means either friends or family, you can sell it for any amount that can be negotiated or not, according to your relationship and equation.
If your car buyer is a stranger, you may want to conduct a background check. Especially if you think that your car is going to be taken first and paid for later. Trusted car removal companies with a license are the most reliable source that does not indulge in fraudulent schemes. Since they have a responsibility to fulfil, and accountability to the Government. 

A perfect solution for me is to sell my car to the most convenient buyer. 

What does that mean? Well, it means that I would love to sell my car to anyone who would offer to pick it up and to pay cash on the spot. This gives me a reason to trust them, and an additional benefit of selling my car without wasting my time. But hey! That’s just me. But if that is you as well, consider this solution!


You might want to then, get in touch with a car removal company that you think is best. This is the last step towards you getting rid of your car successfully. How to do this?
a) research based on the benefits that are being provided to you by the company. Some companies like Active Car Removals in Sydney will give you multiple benefits such as free car valuation, free pickup of the vehicle from its location, free paperwork and many more. We need more such services that guarantee customer satisfaction in Sydney.

  1. b) check out the amount of cash they pay to you for your vehicle when they buy it. A lot of car removal companies in Sydney offer instant cash on the spot for your old vehicle, up to $9999. The more you make from this sale, the better your return on investment!


Sydney has a rising problem of dumping vehicles in landfills, and we can combat it, one car at a time.

Don’t dump, sell up!


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    What Our Customer Says

    This is a great service … tried a couple of different small companies and received no prompt replies. With Active car removal it’s a Very smooth, no hassles. Much better way to get rid of the car same day!

    Alan Tran

    I finally got rid of my car, thought it would be a nightmare to have it collected and scraped. Happy with some cash payment, came in handy at the right moment. Sure to recommend you to others.

    Shirley James