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What happens to a car after it is scrapped?

One million cars are scrapped every single day. This tells us a lot about the vehicle scrapping industry! At least we know that the vehicle dismantling industry exists, and it is definitely making a lot of money doing it.

What happens to a car after it is scraped?

Are you thinking about selling your car for cash? If you nodded to that, then you’re probably curious about what exactly happens to your vehicle once it has been sold to all these car removal companies. Some might want to know the reason these scrap car companies are buying all these old, scrap cars.

Why would anyone want something that doesn’t even work? And why would anyone in their right mind actually pay for it?


We can answer a lot of these questions right now, so let’s do it!


Q.1 Why is a car ‘scrapped’?


Once a car has been fully utilized for its primary use, it is generally sold off. When a person tries to sell a car to a scrap car buyer, the car buyers generally try to give out a good price for the car. They calculate the value of the car and the profit they will be making. Then they offer you an appropriate price for your car. A good scrap car dealer in Sydney will give you a better price than you will receive by selling it otherwise or just leaving it in your backyard.
So, if a car gets old, rusty and unwanted by a car owner, these car removal companies will give you a good offer to get rid of it.


Q.2 What do you mean by ‘scrapping a car’?


When a car gets very old, and it cannot be used to drive anymore, it is scrapped. This means that the car will be dismantled by the car removal company for some metal. The vehicle dismantling industry is huge, and dynamic, hence growing. When a car is scrapped, all its hazardous parts are removed, in order to prevent any disruptions or harmful incidents. LPG and airbags are removed as they may explode while they’re being crushed.
The metal in the car is crushed by a machine used for scraping cars and is then sent to wherever it is supposed to be sent.

Q.3 What happens after the car is scrapped?


After a car is scrapped locally, the metal is generally sold to big metal buying companies who either sell it off further or use it for other purposes.
This process of scrapping a car is part of the circular economy. A circular economy is basically when we Reuse, Reduce and Recycle everything that we have used. It helps the environment be more sustainable as the waste created by unwanted cars is being reproduced as a usable product.


Q.4 When should I scrap my car?


Scrapping your car might be a good choice if you:

  • Own a vehicle that is of absolutely no use to you, is unwanted, or is not in a condition to be sold off to another buyer who can potentially use it for transit
  • Want instant cash for selling something that is of no use to you.
  • Want to get rid of your unwanted asset, that is only decreasing in value with every passing moment
  • Need the best possible price for a car that doesn’t work much
  • Need cash instantly
  • Need to get rid of your vehicle immediately because you’re moving, or you’re buying a new car and have only one parking space


If you said yes to one, two or all of the above, you might want to scrap your car.


Q.5 Why should I scrap my car?


Scrapping a car will definitely be a good step towards being thankful for the environment. An old car is more capable to release harmful gases in the environment that facilitates the degradation of the environment. Not just that, the aesthetics of a locality might be compromised when a car is abandoned on the street, just lying there, waiting, so it could be taken care of. This is a way to be responsible for disposing of a product that you used for yourself. Scrapping a car is nothing, but recycling the product to improve the usability of a previously useless product.


If you are interested in scraping your car, you should contact any one of the best car removal services in Sydney. You can also contact a scrap car removal service like Active Car Removals for the same on 0478 658 800. Call Now!


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