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What Should I Remove From My Car Before I Scrap it

Are you ready to scrap your car? There are a few important things to do before the tow truck takes away your car. One of them is to remove certain items from your car before the scrap. Reason is that you may get more value from those items than the car itself. Most car buyer services are interested in mechanical parts of the car and total metal amount.

Check Out The Valuable parts that you should remove from your car before the scrap


If your car has either a built-in GPS system or an aftermarket one, you should remove it before selling your car for scrap. GPS systems sell very easily on the second hand market and you will certainly get a decent cash amount for your GPS system.


  1. Audio System


Audio systems are also valuable parts. If you had invested in your audio system and upgraded it, you might as well take it out when selling your to a scrap car removal service. Depending on the brand and system, you may get anywhere from $100 to a few hundred dollars.


  1. Aftermarket exhaust


Some people install aftermarket exhaust systems on their vehicles for better performance and sound. The systems cost a considerable amount and the 2nd hand market is always very active. If you can, it’d be a good idea to remove it from your car. This will include the exhaust tips, catalytic converter and the pipes.


  1. LED Lights & Bulbs


You may have paid a decent amount for your LED lights and there is no reason why you wouldn’t remove them when you scrap your car. Most LED light bulbs can be installed on multiple vehicles. In case you get a new car and want better visibility at night time, you can use these bulbs without paying the second time.  What you should know: be careful when disassembling them, if you break any of their fastening tabs, the headlight will lose up to 50% of its value – it will be more difficult to place. Clean them inside with a cloth, they will shine up to 30% more.


  1. Rims/wheels

If the wheels of your car are undamaged and still in working condition, you should remove them as well. Wheels are always sought after parts for any car and chances are you will find someone who’s paying for them.


  1. Small accessories

Any type of accessories should be removed and kept. For example, you might have door protectors on your car and those are not useful for the scrap company. Or a bonnet protector. Remove those from your scrap before the scrap company takes the ownership of it.


  1. Floor Mats

You can keep the floor mats because the scrap company doesn’t have a need for it. Decent floor mats are not cheap and by removing yours from your scrap can you eliminate yet another cost for your future vehicle.


Place the ads on the web with photos, a description of the part and the cars they fit. When you have a buyer, establish a form of payment: if you live nearby, it is normal to meet to make the exchange; If not, send the part through a transport company – the buyer usually bears the shipping costs; the best thing is that the payment is made on delivery. If you have a car no longer required and wish to sell it for cash then give Active car removals Sydney a call.

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